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Adeo POS first cash register that accepts payments with Aircash mobile wallet

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2021-04-29 at 12:08pm

With the introduction of a new payment method in Adeo POS, we continue with our vision of promoting mobile and contactless payment methods in which we see the future of trade. By offering as many payment methods as possible to our merchants, their customers get more freedom.

Paying with mobile applications such as Aircash is especially interesting for mini points of sale that, due to infrastructure costs, have not accepted card payment by banks. This is where mobile applications enter the world of non-cash payments.

Our Adeo POS merchants who want to offer an additional benefit to their customers can have Aircash Pay as a mean of payment on their cash registers today.

Adeo POS in Montenegro

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2020-12-23 at 2:53pm

Proud to announce that Adeo POS has reached full compliance with retail and wholesale regulations in Montenegro.

This includes all modules of our Adeo POS product portfolio:

  • Android mobile application for retail
  • Web application for retail & wholesale
  • Adeo POS Cloud
  • Adeo POS API
  • Fiscal API – Fiscalization and invoicing service
  • Fiscal Driver – Software library for fiscalization

Looking forward to supporting our current and future clients and partners in Montenegro with digital transformation of their sales processes.

Adeo POS i KEKS Pay enable mobile payments for merchants

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-12-04 at 2:21pm

Adeo POS mobile payment and sales support system is integrated with Erste Bank's KEKS Pay mobile payment application, which has more than 160,000 active users.

KEKS Pay is a leading Croatian fintech app that is used to send and receive money quickly and securely. In this way, we have enabled our merchants to securely accept cards without the presence of a card payment terminal, all for free.

Enjoy sweet transactions today!

Adeo POS i PayCek on ShiftMoney 2019 conference

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-12-02 at 4:27pm

We are integrated with the first and largest bitcoin exchange in Croatia - Bitcoin mjenjačnic. Shift Money 2019 Conference was held in Lauba and Pulfer beer could be paid for by cryptocurrencies, with fiscalized bills coming out of our Adeo POSAdeo POS devices. Crypto wallet users simply scanned barcodes from the cash register and paid for their beer with cryptocurrency. This was a great way to showcase the potentials of cryptocurrencies in the HoReCa and retail sectors

Adeo POS and FIMA Pay present the first crypto-enabled POS on the croatian market

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-09-16 at 4:51pm
Crypto POS

Thanks to our long-term presence on the market and constant listening to our clients' needs, we are proud to present another successful cooperation after mobile payments. By integration with FIMA Pay, Adeo POS enters the cryptocurrency market. In addition to regular payment types, such as cash, cards and mobile payments, our clients now have the option to accept payments by cryptocurrencies.

Accepting digital tokens will enable any restaurant, shop or café to stand out from the competition. The process is very simple. All the payment steps are performed in the same way as with regular payments, except that the merchant choses cryptocurrency as the payment type. A QR code is generated, which can be scanned by end-customers’ mobile phone. The cashier receives information that the amount is paid and the invoice is printed, containing cryptocurrency transaction details.

Adeo POS and Settle

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-07-03 at 11:32am

Our Adeo POS product is technologically the most advanced POS on the Croatian market and allows consumers to pay in stores using the Settle application. The result is cooperation with the Norwegian company Auka, pioneers in mobile payments, which encourages merchants and consumers to use their smartphones to pay and receive money.

Adeo POS users can have option of accepting mobile payment within 5 minutes and join a cashless society.

Digital money is here and we are very excited to have the first POS on Croatian market which makes future happening now!

TechData Solution Days 2019

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-05-24 at 11:15am

Last week we participated in 4th Tech Data Solution Days SEE conference held in Umag. This year's conference was all about top trends in IT by the Forbes Magazine: Blockchain, Clouds and Chatboots. We made a lot of new acquaintances and hopefully new partnerships.

JavaCro 2019

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-05-15 at 5:15pm
Java CRO

This year, already traditionally, we participated in the JavaCro 2019 conference held in Umag from May 13th - May 14th. The theme of the conference was trends and future of Jave, Java Platforms, Programming Frameworks and Servers, Methodologies and Tools, and Case studies.

Glovo chooses Adeo POS for invoicing and fiscalization in Croatia

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-05-03 at 2:15pm

Glovo, a fast delivery application that allows customers to purchase, receive and send any products within the city for less than 45 minutes, started operations in Zagreb, and chose Adeo POS as a reliable partner in invoicing and fiscalization.

This Spanish startup started in 2015 in Barcelona and has since expanded to 105 cities, ranging from Paris and Milan to Istanbul and Nairobi, in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. More than 15 million orders from partners such as McDonald's, KFC's, Starbucks, and the like have been delivered around the globe via the Glovo app. They have more than three million users, 10,000 partners and work with a network that counts more than 30,000 couriers. Aside from the car, Glovers use bicycles and scooters to squeeze city traffic faster, and offere a more ecologically aware delivery option.

All you need is right in the city. Order whatever, whenever!

Kano model for customer satisfaction

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2019-04-17 at 11:40am
Kano model

Last week we participated in ISO FORUM CROATICUM organized by Croatian chamber of economy.

Prof. Kano himself about the Kano model of customer satisfaction. Read more about customer satisfaction of our Adeo POS product and competitive advatages on our latest blog post

Neoinfo and M2pay first to offer a subscription based cash register with integrated card payment

Posted by Igor Vukmirović | 2019-03-09 at 10:23am
Adeo M2pay

Neoinfo and M obrada have recognized a business opportunity and created Adeo M2pay – the first subscription based cash register with integrated card payment on the Croatian market.

It combines fiscal invoicing with debit and credit card payment through POS device, and it's designed primarily for SME's. Another interesting feature is that card payments are made through Borgun, card acceptor based in Iceland, which provides better terms to small and medium-sized merchants compared to Croatian banks.

The unique and affordable monthly fee for Adeo M2pay service includes POS cash register and ETFPOS terminal rent, online overview of all card transactions, software with customer support and maintenance, device replacement in case of malfunction as well as card acceptance service. The software can be used for a wide range of businesses and their specific needs, such as billing per tables in restaurant businesses or barcode reader support in stores. There are also different hardware options offered, for example 14-inches tablet with integrated printer. For mini businesses there is mini cash register on smartphone with integrated printer available.

Find out more about Adeo M2pay on

Taxify chooses Adeo POS for fiscalization in Croatia

Posted by Igor Vukmirović | 2018-11-15 at 03:13pm

We want to welcome Taxify to the Croatian market - a new platform for sharing rides.

Taxify is a fast and affordable driving application available in 30+ countries and 100+ cities around the world. It aims to provide accessible and affordable transport to millions of people around the world, with the help of thousands of drivers.

Taxify selected our Adeo POS fiscal cash registry as a fiscal service provider and reliabe partner. Working together with the team from Estonia we helped start the fiscalization service in the shortest possible time.

The next time you need a cab - run Taxify app! Taxify, have a nice trip!

Neoinfo to develop a new intranet portal for Croatia Airlines

Posted by Igor Vukmirović | 2017-11-20 at 9:14am
Croatia Airlines

This week a contract for the development of a new intranet portal for Croatia Airlines has been signed.

The project includes development, design and security of the portal, which will be used by Croatia Airlines employees. The portal will serve as a central point of access to different kind of information and documentation, as well as different employee related systems and applications. Portal is based on IBM WebSphere Portal and Java technologies.

Neoinfo is present in the aviation industry with Simplair, a product designed for small and medium-sized airlines and smaller airports. This week Simplair will be presented in Cameroon, a visit taking place as part of the Ready2Go programme. This program, financed by European Commission, is designed to help European companies to enter third markets.

Information system for the Croatian Medical Chamber presented

Posted by Sandra Šafarek | 2017-07-07 at 1:13pm
Hrvatska liječnička komora

A project of development of an integrated information system for the Croatian Medical Chamber was presented, that was performed in cooperation with ALFATEC Group d.o.o. The Chamber's integrated information system significantly improved the work of the Chamber’s professional services and made it transparent. With high level of security, the system enabled networking and sharing information with all relevant government institutions, which presents a first step for introduction of a multifunctional membership card, the so-called smart card with electronic signature.

Neoinfo selected to participate in the Ready2GO project of the European Commission

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2017-07-07 at 4:07pm

Neoinfo has been selected to participate in the Ready2GO project, a pilot project launched by the European Commission and the European Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME). The aim of this project is to support European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to internationalize and become active in five target Third-Country markets: Cameroon, Chile, India, Canada and the US.

The selection process resulted in 80 selected European companies, of which only four from Croatia. The selected companies will have the opportunity to explore overseas markets. The participants will be able to attend additional trainings taking place in different cultural hubs across Europe as well as networking events in the target countries.

This project will help us to extend our product portfolio to the targeted markets.

Presentation of Adeo DMS on the ICTI 2017 conference

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2017-05-26 at 15:45am

International conference Information and communication technology – ICTI 2017 has been held from May 17th – May 19th in Milenij Hotels' conference park 25/7. Different lectures and panel discussions with the topic of ICT in insurance business took place during the conference.

Ivan Jonjić, CIO at HOK osiguranja, shared a success story about the digitization of business processes by implementation and usage of our Adeo DMS product in this insurance company.

Participation on the B2B Software Days

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2017-05-15 at 9:51am
Austrian chamber of economy

International B2B Software Days have been held on April 25th and 26th in Vienna. The conference primarily targets companies and R&D institutions looking for technological, research and business cooperations. This event was a great opportunity for learning about the latest trends in digital business, finding new business partners as well as exchanging experiences within professional workshops and networking events.

The 4th International B2B Software Days main topic was The Future of Digital Business. Day one was reserved for various keynote speakers presenting a global outlook of trends in digital business. B2B meetings took place right afterwards, followed by evening reception and networking event. International R&D projects were presented on day two, followed by pitching session for startups and workshop on financing possibilities for R&D and growth projects.

Neoinfo participated in this event together with over 40 representatives from Croatia. The visit was organized by Croatian Chamber of Economy’s Association for Information Technologies and HAMAG-BICRO agency. After Austria, the host country, Croatia was the most represented country at the conference.

Participation on the Mobile World Congress 2017

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2017-03-16 at 11:12am
Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress is the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry, held every year in Barcelona. This year the event was held from February 27th till March 2nd. As part of the MWC, Neoinfo participated in the Brokerage Event, a B2B matchmaking event organized by Enterprise Europe Network and the Government of Catalonia. Croatian Chamber of Economy’s Association for Information Technologies co-financed the participation for its members.

It was a great opportunity for Neoinfo to present our products to interested companies from around the world.

Visit to the European Commission

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2017-12-15 at 01:47pm
European Commission

European Commission Representation in Republic of Croatia is a local European Commission's office located in Zagreb and is part of the network of European Commission offices in European Union member states. The Representation acts as the Commission’s voice and monitors public opinion in Croatia. It provides information on the EU through events and the distribution of brochures, leaflets and other materials.

Visits to The European Commission Visitors' Centre in Brussels are organized by the Representation on a regular basis. On January 15th and 16th, 2017 the visit was organized for representatives of the business community. The participants were representatives of Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and interested entrepreneurs. Igor Vukmirović, our CEO, was representing Neoinfo.

The purpose of the visit was to get acquaitaned with EU policy, current challenges that EU is facing, role of EU key institutions, as well as to get actively included in the discussion about financing opportunities within EU funds and programs.

The programme for visitors included presentations by and discussions with the responsible Commission officials, beginning with an introduction to the Commission’s role as the EU’s political executive. The main topics were EU funding opportunities for SME’s, customs policy in the EU and digitalization of the single market. The group was joined by members of Cabinet for the Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Mr. Neven Mimica for a working lunch.

Adeo POS - Croatian Solution for Czech Fiscalization

Posted by Bojan Bajgorić Šantić | 2016-12-15 at 08:45am
Moji računi

Croatian software company Neoinfo signed a contract with Czech company COM PLUS CZ, in order to offer its solution Adeo POS on the Czech market.

It is a solution that includes Android POS application for issuing fiscalized bills and ERP application in cloud for small and medium enterprises. The combination of the two applications makes it unique on the Croatian market, because it allows users to simply synchronize various data such as price lists, while collecting data from all receipts which are available for making reports, backup and similar needs.

Adeo POS is currently used by clients in Croatia and Slovenia, and the expansion to Czech market is a logical direction of business, since after Slovenia, the Czech Republic also adopted Croatian fiscalization model. It is based on connecting client software to central server of ax Department at the moment of receipt issuing in order to get unique receipt ID.

“Fiscalization in the Czech Republic is a great chance for companies like ours, because we have experience from domestic market and a ready solution we localized with a help from our Czech partner. With 140 employees in about 10 different locations, the partner will be in charge for sales, education and support, while we will provide hosting and a higher level of support” – said Igor Vukmirović, Neoinfo CEO.

Beside software solution, Neoinfo will over their partner offer a wide range of renowned companies’ hardware, adjusted to the needs of receipt issuers – ranging from small mobile devices with integrated printer, to tablets and professional devices for caterers.

Java developer(s)

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2016-11-08 at 01:37pm
Help wanted

Join our Java team! We are looking for Java Software Developers with 1-5 years of experience. Position includes developing software solutions for business, implementing client requirements, testing, analysing and resolving reported issues. Join our team of young, yet experienced colleagues working on interesting projects and in a friendly working environment. Our office is in Zagreb, Strojarska cesta 20.

You can read more details at this link. Send us your application to till 2016-11-24.

Neoinfo celebrates 10 years of business

Posted by Igor Vukmirović | 2016-10-31 at 02:59pm

This year we celebrate 10 years of our business. The company was established in 2006 and in recent years has been growing steadily.

We specialized in custom development of integrated business solutions for clients. During years of experience in various technologies and domains for clients in different industries we have developed a flexible team of experts, ready to answer to any challenge. We are compassionate in developing business software from scratch, keeping in mind the end-user and considering clients suggestions. High-quality standards and personal responsibility of each team member for the solution delivered led us to a number of satisfied clients, whose recommendation brings us to new and even more interested projects.

We would like to thank to all our clients and business partners with whom we have cooperated through these 10 years. We look forward to future business successes!

Adeo POS - Best solution on the market

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2016-10-28 at 01:31pm
Moji računi

Our software Adeo POS is a unique fiscal solution on the local market with supported functionality of entering 10.000 items, that can be searched by name and item code on a tablet. Furthermore, there is an option of updating pricelist on a monthly basis, as well as supported off-line mode. These were the key functionalities that were significant to Končar - kućanski aparati, which, after a long search, recognized Adeo POS as a partner that can provide fiscal solution tailored to their needs.

Development of an integrated system for the Croatian Medical Chamber

Posted by Livijana Vukmirović | 2016-07-04 at 09:18pm
Croatian Medical Chamber

In cooperation with the ALFATEC Group d.o.o. we started a project of developing an integrated information system for the Croatian Medical Chamber. The Chamber's integrated information system will significantly improve the work of the Chamber’s professional services and make it transparent. With high level of security, the system will enable networking and sharing information with all relevant government institutions and create conditions for introduction of a multifunctional membership card, the so-called smart card with electronic signature. Building integrated information system is a prerequisite for achieving the ultimate goal of Croatian Medical Chamber transformation of the current Chamber towards eChamber.

Neoinfo on CeBIT Hannover 2016

Posted by Igor Vukmirović | 2016-02-16 at 04:15pm
CeBIT Hannover

This year Neoinfo will be participating as an exhibitor in the world largest expo in information technologies, telecommunications, software and services, CeBIT. The trade fair will be held from 14. – 18. March, 2016 in Hannover, Germany. Neoinfo will take part on a shared stand with two more IT companies from Zagreb, Span and Alfatec. The shared stand will be located in Hall 6, labeled D52, measuring approximately 30 sqm. The joint appearance is organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Approximately 3.000 exhibitors from 70 countries will be participating in this year’s expo. Last year the expo had more than 220.000 visitors. The lead theme is „d!conomy“ – how digitalization is impacting every segment of the economy and society, but also how people and their role as deciders and creative designers are driving the digital transformation. As part of the trade fair, the conference program includes numerous speakers and panelists debating the latest trends in the digital community.


Clipboard ring in VS2010

Posted by Ivan Cesar | 2011-08-02 at 10:29am
Cycling clipboard ring

Just recently I discovered a really cool feature of Visual Studio tool, feature that is available since very early versions (2003). However, it is quite hidden somewhere in the menu, so I noticed it just recently.

It allows one to copy multiple text items to clipboard, and paste it in several places. For example, while modifying a XML file, I needed to copy two different attribute values into other places. So hitting Ctrl+C on first one and Ctrl+C on second one stores it in clipboard, and then pasting the last value is done with Ctrl+Shit+V and the value before it with Ctrl+Shift+V (twice). Just pay attention that You have to hold Ctrl and re-press Shift and V to make cycling possible.

Cycle clipboard ring is also available in the Edit menu. Have fun copy-pasting! (source)